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推薦信( letter of recommendation)



1. 成績單

2. 名次證明

3. 個人簡歷

4. 修習教授授課課程之成績

5. 略述與教授互動經歷

6. 如果曾經做過專題(或在實驗室做研究),請告知指導教授姓名,並略述您的研究內容與成果

7. 請填寫好申請表申請者個人資料

Request for letter of recommendation for study abroad

If you would like me to write a letter of recommendation for your graduate school application,please follow the instructions given below.

1. The number of recommendation letters is limited to a maximum of 6 for each applicant.
2. I cannot guarantee submiting my letters by the deadline if you fail to complete any of the followings. 
3. Please provide me with the following basic materials : Official Transcript、Rank in class、GRE and TOEFL scores、Statement of Purpose
4. Let me know which class(es) of mine you took and your grade in the class
5. Write a paragraph on your personal interactions with me
6. It would be very useful if you can show me your strength for advanced studies. Events that demonstrate your originality, motivation, analytical and critical thinking, capability to work alone or work in a team would be most useful.
7. Use online submission only
8. Please provide me with you application materials ALL IN ONE email message. This will prevent me from making mistakes.
9. Please notify me when ALL the request letters from the schools you applied are sent. I will start working on your recommendation after I receive your notification email. I will complete the recommendations all at once and by the earliest deadline.
10. Please keep me informed on the admissions you receive and your final decision for advanced studies.